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Offside Alarm Transducer

A45 Voltage Offside Alarm Transducer

Classification: Offside Alarm Transducer





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*Transforms the high electric switching state into low electric switching state.
*Safety, faster,high accuracy
*No jitter phenomenon of conventional relay contacts
*Input, output photoelectric isolation, ensures the safety of the telecontrol equipment
* Indicator light marks working status of any way, intuitive and clear
*Standard din rail(35mm) mounting
*Dimension(mm): 106(L)×31.5(W)×77(H)

*Input Range:0~500V can choose 220V,110V,48V

*Output Characteristics:>60% conducting,input current≥10mA, <50% cutoff

*Isolation Withstanding Voltage:AC2.0KV/min*1mA between input/output

*Isolation Resistance:≥20MΩ(DC500V)

*Load Capacity:1.5 times current continuous

*Working Environment:-10℃~50℃ ,20%~90% without condensation

*Storage Environment:-40℃~70℃ ,20%~95% without condensation

A---Input ways(1 way ~5way input): 1~5
B---Voltage input range

Model selection 1:LF-DV31-K4A45/0~220V
Explanation: this product is a 0~220V input range, relay output,
A45 style DC voltage offside switching value alarm transducer.

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